A leverage of modern legal knowledge & practice

Firm at glance

Our values

Office with a heart and soul, personality and human touch. Dynamic and flexible in times of turbulent changes. Beyond a simple sum of partners and a list of representative clients. More like a union of equally important colleagues.

Over a long period of time, through the interaction between our office and many different clients – personalities and assignments – we have developed ourselves as a leverage of modern legal knowledge and practice, as a vibrant and innovative organization. We are here to provide you with what you need most when you come to a foreign country: A supportive and trusted legal partner.

Our history and future

Lalin Law Office was established in 1986. From the very beginning, our aim was to join global community of law offices practicing international law. Our hard work and dedication to perfection resulted in membership with Meritas – Law firms world wide, CILS, AmCham Serbia, IBA and ITPA and appearance within Martindalle and Hubbell.

Today is just a history of tomorrow. This is why we aim at future which belongs to self-demanding, expert and flexible personalities.

Our work

In our 25-year long practice, Lalin Law office has had the honour to represent following companies: Mirotin Group (Mirotin Energo in their project of establishing electrical energy and hot water production by using wind and existing biomass, Ecka AD, PP “Sava Kovacevic”), Pink TV, Government of Serbia – Ministry of Agriculture (in the mutual IDR Project with World Bank), SUBA, CNN, Rodic MB, Exit – music festival, Associated Press, Kompresor AD, Cinema City International Film Festival, Ruitenberg Ingredients, Flora doo (in acquision of ‘Moj Auto’ internet platform by Ringier Axel Springer), Naftachem doo and Dunav Oil Term doo ( both oil and petrol industry, oil terminal storaging), Titan Machinery USA (agricultural and construction machinery distribution), EIPIX doo (computer game and software development) and many more.

We provide legal assistance across Serbia to our clients from more than 20 countries in:

  • foreign investments,
  • tax optimization,
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • intellectual property protection,
  • media and entertainment,
  • labor and employment law,
  • proposed changes in Serbian legislature,
  • litigation and international arbitration.

We have served, incorporated and advised more than 1000 companies, joint-ventures and branches in over 20 jurisdictions.