A magnificient place for your business to grow

Why Serbia?

Extracts from the speech given by Mr. Radovan Lalin on the CILS Conference in Salzburg

Serbia is an emerging market, the biggest in Balkan region. It’s new legislation is aimed to meet needs of most potential foreign investors. Reaching EU criteria in legislation, bordering with EU states, yet not being a member of the EU, thus more flexible and less demanding, Serbia is ideally situated within Europe as a magnificient place for your business to grow.

What sets Serbia apart from other countries in the region?

  1. Fast and easy company registration with central register
  2. Founding capital of only 1 Euro
  3. Simple company structure
  4. Educated labor force
  5. Low labour costs
  6. Lowest taxes in Europe
  7. Stimulating tax incentives
  8. More than 20 double tax treaties
  9. Free trade agreement with Russia
  10. Free trade zones
  11. Foreign investors are more than welcome

The firm has a long term experience in serving foreign clients from more than 20 countries, including USA, Russia, Canada, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, etc.