Doing business in an international setting


Since the turbulent years of sanctions and international isolation, when running business through offshore companies was a condition of survival, up to the present days, when the modern manner of running the business is based on free movement of people, goods and capital, which results in decreasing costs and increasing efficacy and profitability of the company, Law Office Lalin has specialized in the field and is glad to offer you legal advise suitable for the needs and development plans of your company, and after that to take all necessary legal actions to enable you to run such business in accordance with law.

In other words, if you are planning or are already involved in business in an international setting, no matter whether you are engaged in international distribution of your products, international trade, protection and use of a trademark – brand, use and protection of copyright and industrial design rights, development and distribution of software or any other possible business undertakings, the organization of your business is of utmost importance. The right application and combination of taxation laws of several countries as well as the appropriate implementation of the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between different countries make it possible to reduce the costs of operation to a great extent together with a significant increase in efficacy and profitability of your company.

Which country to choose to incorporate a company which will dispose of and charge for the right to use your brand, where to organize the production, where to register a company to run international sale of your products, which domicile of the company to choose for import of intermediate goods, in which country to register a holding company to manage and control the operation of other companies, which will earn the profit of all said companies? Whether the Netherlands or the Netherlands Antilles, Luxembourg or Channel Islands, Cyprus or Malta, Switzerland or Panama?

Law Office Lalin is one of the most experienced law offices in this part of Europe in this field, which also includes transfer pricing, thin capitalization, control foreign company rules, international tax law and cross border transactions etc.